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Jun 15

Toilet Paper Advertising

I am gonna work in advertising one day and I am prepared to stretch logic, reason and the truth every now and then and around as many corners as necessary.
However, one of my promises to the world will be to never ever use animals for toilet paper commercials. (We will discuss the other promises another time.)
Animals do not use toilet paper. Toilet paper is not made out of animal fur or skin (!?). I see the connection that toilet paper is as soft as a little puppy, cub or a kitten. (Weirdly enough, is seems to be more of a dog or a bear product?)
But that’s where that connections already ends. I never sat on the toilet, noticed that I ran out of toilet paper and thought, “I bet my cat used it all…” (And for the record, I also never thought, “Oh I wish my cat would walk in right now so I could solve my little problem…”)

I think it’s time to get real and if you toilet paper advertisers won’t do it, I will.
I will revolutionize an industry (or two).
I think everyone knows that using the bathroom is not cute, fluffy and cuddly. It makes funny noises, it smells and there’s a reason why we shake, wipe, flush and light a match.
It’s time to stop the bullshit and just tell the truth.

I was thinking of something along those (quilted) lines:

(A campaign is in the works. And it’s probably gonna look less like Abercrombie & Fitch Toilet Paper.)

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