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Jul 13

Week 39: Break

I decided to take a little post card break until the end of the month. 


I’ll be back in August and we’ll finish our 52 weeks. (And then some.)


Jul 7

Happy Anniversary! (A short story about patience and respect)

One of my rules in life is to not use the Internet to rant.

Today, I’m going to make a little exception.

As you might know, I moved back to Switzerland about a year ago, and my goal was to get a copywriter internship at an advertising agency. I sent out a bunch of applications and nice emails. Some of these applications included a so-called “Copy Test” - usually about five to ten writing and brainstorming assignments -  so the nice people who do the hiring can judge if you’re a worthy candidate for an interview. These tests usually take up a lot of time to fill out, because becoming a creative in an advertising agency is a lot like trying to find the holy grail. Or the perfect bathing suit. 

A year ago, I sent such a copy test, a resume, and a cover letter to a renowned advertising agency in Switzerland. It was a semi-unsolicited application - most ad agencies always look for new talent and generously invite everyone to send in a resume or two.  
Even though I wasn’t responding to a specific job posting, I put my heart and soul into this particular application. I wore my lucky underwear and prayed to Copywriter Jesus when I hit send. 

That was on July 7, 2013. 

I was fully aware that they probably get a lot of these somewhat random applications and that reading them is not a priority. So I waited.

And then, I waited some more. 

I followed up. 

A couple of months later, I got a internship at another agency. Yay!
The waiting then became more of a hobby that I pursued when I was bored on the train. 

I asked a Twitter-acquaintance, who works at the agency, if he could figure out what happened to my application. After all, internships are temporary and I wanted to actually get hired somewhere. I was told that there is a post-it with a reminder on someone’s desk. 

Hope always dies last. (But it still dies.)

I sent a Christmas card with a subtle (and polite) hint to read my fucking application and give me a god damn answer. 

In the meantime, I enjoyed every second of my internship and tried to learn as much as I could. I was so excited that there’s a chance that I might become a copywriter after all. A real copywriter. 

Today is July 7, 2014. 
Still no answer. (Way to go, representative of the communications industry.)

It’s been a year since I sent my application to a place that ignored the shit out of my hopes and dreams. (Insert sad music.)

Even though I stopped giving a crap about my little application and a possible little job, I’m still waiting for a proper response. That seems fair, right? Since I took the time to apply and think of creative ideas for their assignment, I should receive some kind of feedback, shouldn’t I? Quid pro quo and all that jazz. 

Sure, I could send them a strongly worded letter or storm into their offices and curse like a sailor. Or I could celebrate that sad little incident in style: with anniversary flowers. 

A lovely sunflower will be sent to that advertising agency today. Addressed to my application. There will be a note, saying that I haven’t forgotten about it and that I hope that someone will eventually take the time to give it the attention it deserves. 

Who knows, maybe that will be the trick to somewhat speed up the process. If not, I might send chocolates next year. 


Dear people at ***** Worldwide,

I don’t care how mind-blowing your work is and how many awards you win. I don’t care if you don’t like my resume, if you think my cover letter is stupid and the copy test is a disgrace. I still deserve some respect. 


Jul 6

Week 38: The Next Level

There are various reasons for feeling bloated and constipated: allergies, diet, lack of exercise, hormones, medication, and relationships.
Yep, being in a (new) relationship can kind of bring everything to a halt down there.

We can turn off the light (aka real-life photoshop) and use ninja moves to hide wrinkles, dents, hair, or flappy skin. But when it comes to smell, things get tricky.
Romantics might say that relationship-related digestion issues have to do with all the butterflies in our stomachs. A lot of other people say that not being able to break wind and go number 2 is caused by (desperately) trying to  convince our significant other that our shit don’t stink. Because OMG, if they found that it did, our dreams of a happy future together would go down the toilet. So a lot of people don’t/can’t do anything but pee for weeks or even months. They reschedule their bowel movements, use public restrooms, and keep forgetting things at home so they can take a dump in their own bathroom. They probably also buy a dog so they can blame their farts on the cute puppy.

It’s a lot of work for something we cannot really control. We all fart (10-18 times a day). Some of these farts sound funny. Some of them smell. Between the farts, there’s poop. It usually smells as well and there’s a scientific reason for it. So let’s just all get over it, shall we? After all, there are windows, air fresheners and poo-pourri.

Long story short: Taking your relationship to the next level is not (just) about saying the L-word or meeting the parents. It’s about not having to pretend you’re some magical creature who neither farts nor poops.

Jun 29

Week 37: Revised Poetry

Inspired by beautiful roses at my friend’s house, I added some (in)appropriate poetry to last week’s card:


Jun 22

Week 36: Poetry

Went to ART Basel. 

Saw a sign. 

Made a card.

Jun 15

Week 35: Kindness

This week’s card was inspired by J.

First of all, I’m not a fan of overly preachy blog posts, but every now and then, I’ll get on my soapbox.

I’m a big believer in kindness and politeness. It seems however, that we now live in a world where being polite and being kind is often mistaken for flirtation. We need to use disclaimers to make sure a simple compliment doesn’t end in blocked accounts, restraining orders and the like.
I’m not sure how that happened. Maybe chivalry is truly dead. Maybe our concerns with gender equality got (way) out of hand. Maybe being kind without having a hidden agenda has become so rare, we’re completely confused when we observe it in its natural habitat.
Fact is, we often start over-analyzing the situation immediately - our brains switch into panic mode as soon as someone holds the door open for us: I don’t know this guy, why is he holding the door open for me? And did he just smile at me? WTF? Does he just want to look at my butt? I bet he’s going to hit on me with the worst pick up line ever in 3-2-1… What if he wants to buy me a drink? I just wanted to grab a snack and now I’m probably going to get proposed to… Should I mention that I’m in a relationship? Or just be a total bitch about it and not say thank you? That way, he’ll learn his lesson and stop being overly flirty in the middle of the afternoon. What a jerk. 

Boys and girls, maybe we should just clam the fuck down. (On my soap box, I don’t bleep stuff.)

Let’s take a simple compliment for example: If you are the complimentee, stop over-thinking and just take the compliment for what it is: an expression of praise, congratulation or encouragement. Say thank you, enjoy how fabulous it feels, milk it for all it’s worth, and earn some karma points by paying it forward.
And if you are the complimenter: Keep ‘em coming. Don’t stop paying compliments just because it might freak some people out. They don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Jun 8

Week 34: Shaving

I’m a super commuter who spends hours on the train every week. I usually read, study, listen to music/podcasts/other people’s conversations or nap away. Of course, I also quietly judge the outfits, hair, reading materials, and snack choices of all my fellow commuters.

Every now and then, my legs and I rank our first impression of every guy on the train according to this little chart: 

(Who am I kidding, this is how I determine every guy’s chances of being date-material.)

Jun 1

Week 33: Lucky Cards II (Preview IV)

Here are some more suggestions for the next batch of Lucky Cards:

This concludes the preview bonanza and we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program next weekend.

May 25

Week 32: Lucky Cards II (Preview III)

May has been declared “Lucky Cards Preview Month” (LCPM). So - as you might have guessed - here is another look at ideas that could be part of the second edition of Lucky Cards:  

May 18

Week 31: Lucky Cards II (Preview II)

Here is (yet) another preview of what’s in store for the second edition of the beloved Lucky Cards. I haven’t decided what I’ll end up printing, so I figured I’d just throw it all out there for now.



FYI: I’m not planning on making G-rated cards, I just couldn’t decide which four-letter word I should use.


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